United Methodist
General Conference 2012

     The Church is not yet perfected, and won't be this side of forever. This year there are 1,105 petitions to change one part or another of the United Methodist Church. Here are my takes on the petitions in both PDF and XLS(Excel) downloads.
     Note that the color highlights in red indicate the self-idenfied "renewal" caucuses: Institution of Religion and Democracy (IRD), Confessing Movement (CM), and Good News (GN). Those in Blue are for the Wisconsin Conference petitions.
     I have selected two hot-button items for each legislative committee to give a feel for what they will be dealing with.

Church & Society A (pdf)
Church & Society A

Death Penalty and Israel

Church & Society B (pdf)
Church & Society B (xls)

Human Sexuality and Abortion
Conferences (pdf)
Conferences (xls)
World-Wide Church and Petitions
Discipleship (pdf)
Discipleship (xls)
Lay Servants and Worship Material
Finance & Administration (pdf)
Finance & Administration (xls)
Health Care Costs and Pensions

Faith & Order (pdf)
Faith & Order (xls)

Purpose and Qualifications for Ordination
General Administration (pdf)
General Administration (xls)
Restructuring and UMW
Global Ministries (pdf)
Global Ministries (xls)
Deaconesses and Ethnic Plans
Central Conference Matters (pdf)
Central Conference Matters (xls)
Missionary Conferences and Africa Theological Schools
Independent Commissions (pdf)
Independent Commissions (xls)
Communications and Boy Scouts
Judicial Administration (pdf)
Judicial Administration (xls)
Trial Processes and Chargeable Offenses
Local Church (pdf)
Local Church (xls)
Membership and Campus Ministries
Higher Education & Ministry (pdf)
Higher Educaiton & Ministry (xls)
Ministry Study and University Senate
Superintendency (pdf)
Superintendency (xls)
Retired Bishops and Supervisory Accountability
Report Form (xls) All petitions, numerically, to report final decisions