Advent 1 A

cloudy weather

a cloud of unknowing
descends this time of year
between babel reversed
and manger potential

each cycle promises clarity
asks us to practice questions
about plodding clocks
and jumping tomorrow to today

we hear about choices
divisions being paramount
between who is lost
and who finds paradise here

new mountains arise
even as old ones stumble
promising swords demise
and plowshares ascendency

in between such eras
confusers seeks certainty
without lasting gladness
and common good peace

unknowing is a standard path
to knowing what time it is
a time for honor
and a time for honoring

waking to northern darkening
or southern lengthening of day
we thank dark clouds
and flashes of insight

no one knows day or hour
a mountain of peace is established
an exile is broken
and love overflows law

a once and future advent
prepares such as we are
to open mercy clouds
and become its rain



Advent brings a choice

don't know
don't care
it is enough
awake or asleep
away is away

so glad to be
here or anywhere
as long as we are moving
toward healthier peace
Alaska or Onalaska
here is here

one carries the other
as potential

shalt not
all those acts
but mostly
a neighbor loved
is a law surpassed

this is the advent
we've been waiting for
it is here
now will we
choose to live