Christmas 1 A

weeping continues

weeping continues
for children lost
oblivious selves
bloody atonement
surface unkindness
dismissed refugees
death by hunger
winning at any cost
short-lived honors
over-time jobs
compromised health
invisible babes
rote praise
surprise unacknowledged
dimness of imagination

weeping continues
in heaven
as it is on earth
self-selected out
exorcised out
angelic weeping
wracking sobs
diminished we-feeling
suffering raised
expectation lowered
for one and all
refugee wandering
away and back
and on and on

weeping continues
a sad-eyed dog
never petted enough
after excitement wanes
turning once and twice
three times and four
curls in manger hay
awaiting a next influx
of lives and life
each as holy
as holy can be
receiving a gift
of just enough
in a greedy world
and then its gone

weeping continues
in the face of green
garlands galore
in spite of hymns
high in glory
in preparation of hope
living within
in reaction to hope
dashed aborning
tears dammed
break lose
flooding decision-makers
in sorrow

weeping continues
personal identity issues
arrive and arrive some more
having danced with race
and gender and ethnicity
sexual orientation and immigrants
we go around
variation upon variation
until outsides are exhausted
and so we weep
in prelude to inside segregation
loyalty oaths
creedal formulas

weeping continues
inhumanity to you
inhumanity from you
inhumanity around you
weeping continues
lies are told
bullshit grows
truth is avoided
weeping continues
experience begins
literalism chimes in
integration continues
weeping continues