Easter 4 A

I am Willing (Psalm 23)

I am willing to be led out
from my thieving fear
for getting things
is never over

wants want more
and more and more
until want wants more than more
and we lie exhausted

even in a green pasture
we are too tired to eat or drink
and so we rest and fast
until we want no more

now restored
all those wants are seen
as a darker than dark valley
able to be faced and answered

this new vision
is a great comfort
upon which I can rest
rod and staff

from grabbing what I want
I notice an overflowing table
with forks and spoons and knives
to dine gracefully slow

there is time for thanks
there is time for greeting
there is time for leading
there is time for time

my heart’s cup overflows
goodness and mercy for all
in each house
may it be

and how did this happen again
slow abundance
generous hearts
who knew

these shepherd my greed
guard my wanting
through each night
into this day