Epiphany 1 A
"Baptism of the Lord"

a long way

I've come a long way
Galilee to Jordan
takes intentionality
not to mention
time and energy

I've come a long way
and then I hear
I'm to give
what I came to get
and I say no

I've come a long way
now I have only one word
now is the time
now go ahead anyway
now now now

I've come a long way
did I mention
Galilee to Jordan
don't try to get out of
doing your job now

I've come a long way
from Galilee to Jordan
from refusal to accord
from underwater to heavenly height
from be-loved to beloved

I've come a long way
Galilee to Jordan
isn't so long any more
Jordan to Jerusalem
is now a longer way yet




Troubling Witness

if I could
I surely would
prevent Jesus
from baptism

I could just tell
this one was going to be
with a capital T

I’d say oh no
it is I
who should be
baptized by you

and sure enough
he was trouble
and I was
in trouble

or no cousin
my disciples
became his

I lost them
I lost my head
with Herodias
and lost my head

see how things
have come
to a pretty pass
I do declare

G*D shows no partiality
we all journey blind
from beloved to wilderness
baptizer to martyr

there is no benefit
to telling the truth
other than
telling the truth

and the truth
beloved ye be
in season and out
witness so