Epiphany 2 A

Universal Background

After a week of finding a reason to say "Yes" to the opportunities that come our way and also finding that there is no little Friday condensation leaping full-blown from a lowly forehead, one of the sources I've invited into my email space brought a poem that said what I would affirm and thought you might appreciate it, too.

G*D says Yes to me

Read it and do a small dance while a Cosmic Background Radiation, with slightly more matter than anti-matter, sets a lively beat.




Splash Away! Splash Away All!

I have come baptizing
with simple water
a universal solvent
to wash away
our overlay of privilege
on light-heartedness

gifts of grace
have been refused
to make consistent
one idea or another
based on the smallest
corner of creed

to wash away
to lighten up
to reveal dark corners
to refresh dirty frescoes
to see beloved doves
to prepare for wilderness

sweet water
nectar of the gods
raise a glass
aqua vitae
an eternal
water to wine

baptizing opens eyes
and ears
to see and hear
skies open
bread in stone
love enacted

never knowing
for whom baptism
is a ritual
or a vision
we splash