Epiphany 5 A

Beyond Choice

intentionally fast
or put the best spin
on involuntary starvation
a lack is a lack

there is a power difference
between putting down
and having nothing
nothing to pick up

for a moment note
you have a choice
beyond fasting
or starvation

to claim your aura
no matter how thick
a basket cover

to claim your saltiness
no matter how diluted
a homeopathic

rejecting sustenance
or failing to find food
we come to life
beyond choice

eventually we stand
beyond choice
dilute salt is not lost salt
confined light is still light

we don't need either/or
not even both/and
simply four

cut injustice loose
reject exploitation
reverse oppression
demolish class

share bread and community
personally shelter those without
spin cloth for self and others
rejoice in differences

and Lo and Behold
flavor returns
lights come on
a new path opens

we are not playing games
nor thinking strategically
just being a revealer
reveling in just being