Epiphany 8 A

don't worry - choose

No one can divide their allegiance
without other divisions in their life:
extremes of hate and love will come out
fawning and distain will become primary choices.
You cannot long stand between
Steadfast Love and Maximized Profit
without debilitating worry or
self-imposed ignorance.

Participation in meaningful life
is distracted by worry about basics
food, shelter, and universal human rights.
Worry adds no length of days or
cure of self-perceived defects.

Note well birds and flowers
eating when they can and attracting fertilizing bees.
There is value in participating in creation
at whatever level is available.

Our faith falters when we deny our creatureliness
and focus on fancy food and fashionable dress.
G*D-Human living fades when faced with fear
instilled by a class-dividing market.
Our question is not "What to eat?" but
"Why do we eat?"
"What?" worries us, "Why?" focuses us.

Why? A radical freedom of enough.
This is the place of paradise,
this is compassion set loose
far beyond, "More and more".

We have enough trouble staying loyal
to larger care for our commonwealth
without the distractions and worries
of fighting ourselves and each other
for mere "more" today and
just a bit more "more" tomorrow.

Don't worry - choose
rising hope
expansive kindness,
deep care.