Lent 1 A

strict daddy v. beauty

temptation to power
ancient as the hills
new as Wisconsin gov. walker

one does not live by bread alone
but every extra hefty profit
squeezed from every pebble

with bazillionaire patrons
every risk for them will lift you up
and excuse every behavior

and so the world's riches
tempt and tempt and tempt
worship Mammon and serve only him

crafty is employed
to bolster temptation
to gain one's own certainty

knowledge is out, data is in
every spin good for me
is good enough for everyone

knowledge thus construed
keeps one from knowledge
of one's own nakedness

a confession beyond words
rises up as a last resort
and it satisfies beautifully

power's temptation
only delays beauty
thus seen, thus chosen against

just as power exercised dominion in death
so beautiful graceful received abundance
leads onward to a paradise of community