Pentecost +13 A


temptations return regularly
having passed three big ones
along comes Cana
turn water into wine

a moment later
along comes an upper room
with twelve little ones
turn wine into forgiveness

between the two
friends die
escape is made
wide water becomes a path

friends call out
and are called out
striding focused outward
a path turned tentacles

grabbed from below
hoisted from above
a world stands balanced
tethered below shining above

looking back over a shoulder
a string of buoys stretches on
and we are farther from the boat
than imagination allows

we have come a step farther
further staking miracle space
pushing faith closer to fear
thankful to be buoyed

because everything falls
catfish are fat
when temptations return
we are farther along

so call to be called
with fear and faith
step out
a bell buoy