Pentecost +14 A

wish upon a word
Pentecost +14 – Year A

words, words, words
I'm so sick of words
it's the Eliza/Freddy sticking point
let's see the action
not hear about it one more time

Word, Word, Word
I'm so sick of Word
idolizing a day-by-day past
universalizing a this-day present
restricting each next-day future

I am sickened by what goes in
a greedy maw unsatisfied
refuses any discipline
on type or amount of stuff
and it does show in waist and word

any amount more of consciousness
would soften the dichotomy
between self-satisfaction
and other-awareness
releasing more mercy

but so angry at what I
have to put up with
I chide and demand and ignore
until faith is recognized

having lost my own
a new day dawns with yours
keep saying yes
in the face of my no
with gratitude

and so it is
for her
for him
for all
as you wish