Pentecost +17 A

moving toward we

if another sins
against you

if you sin
against another

what is good
for goose and gander

want some slack
loosen your noose

want accountability
tighten your disciplines

in this and every

comes a struggle
for freedom

comes a wrestling
with death

comes an encounter
with love's debt

willing for night
to pass

waiting for light's

a finishing touch

sin of all

sin of any

no longer
three against one

death's angels
pause their strike

as a puppet
grins and counts

five ways
we agree

you love being you
I love being me

I love you
you love me

and sometimes
we both even love

being we

- - - - - - - -

[last 5 stanzas taken from Judy Fjell's delightful song, "Gee I am Glad I am Me" on her wonderful CD Living on Dreams]