Christmas B


Some Days
Christmas Eve - Year B

in those days
now misremembered
we think life was numbered
but that is only a story

in those days
we made things up
to make them sound better
than ever they were

in those days
we connected birth
with music of the spheres
even angels sing

in those days
we gathered protectors around
for no one would mess around
with shepherd’s staff and sling

in these days
we are misremembering still
chosing our child
over all others

in these days
we are still making things up
to make us look better
than we have so far been

in these days
our organizational complexes
care not a whit 
for mutual care

in days to come
we pray to not misremember
our source of security
is sign beyond surity

in days to come
we pray to not make up stories
and to trust the mystery
of experience

in days to come
no matter what comes
we will protect one another
honoring and rejoicing

in those days
in these days
in days to come
ponder deep and treasure well



Christmas Day

beginning with covered depth
a word breaks swirling waters apart
for room for isle and continent

this becomes this
that becomes that
all the while related

sparks fly between
this and that
light shines brighter

each part is and reflects
a lightening
and light shines

darkness threatens
each part to cease
its identity

no threat is large enough
to close down a hope
that lives in us

we may falter from time to time
attempting to make meaning
but light is built in

sometimes we miss opportunities
to witness to this light
to testify to larger lessons.

to claim one’s own
to make a choice
for flesh made alive

there is no darkness
large enough to hide
a light for everyone

grace upon grace
we claim our place
in time and space



For those who prefer hearing a story on Christmas Eve, instead of an attempted interpretation of great mystery, you may want to consider this offering from Dan Dick,Yuletide Carol.