Christmas 1 B


more to come

good ol' Simeon
limit bound

glimpse receiver
ready to move on

departing in peace
has never attracted me

too curious by far
beyond a mere beginning

what's next I ask
messiah's a good start

but o this drama
is no one-act play

I'll wait

with such a surprise start
imagine twists to come

and project them
dum spiro spero

who would want to
miss what's next

come on Simeon
let's go some more




take G*D in your arms
and dance through the stars

fear not to discern G*D
in whatever you hold

if at first you miss it
look again in stone and eye

recognize your death
in your holding 

then bless widely and wildly
that thoughts be revealed

thoughts that would close down
thoughts that would open up

bless both that both
would be seen in action

here is revealed again
trust in what is held

hold G*D or don’t
it will be revealed

in need of a revelation
see G*D in what you hold