Epiphany B

Dream On

Herod’s time lingers
G*D continues presence
available to glimpses of the wise

the Herod’s of today
sleep uneasy with fears of overthrow
dancing in their heads and before their eyes

the next usurper could come from anywhere
such universalism can never narrow vision
to know what the ancients knew

the least expected place
is exactly where the next birth
of a prophet of justice begins practice

in anticipation of downfall
co-opted co-conspirators live by secrets
and expect enough fear that everyone will

failing to listen to better dreams
Herod loses track of alternative ways
condemning himself to be an eternal villain

which sets today’s choice
not in energy expended - miles traveled or
extravagance of gifts proffered to the surprised

aboriginal dream time
erupts again into our usual fog
shaping past that tomorrow be reshaped