Epiphany 2 B

No denying deceit

in days of old
Nazareth was questionable
so close to co-optation
by Roman opulence
in nearby Sepphoris

today we ask what good
could come out of Washington, D.C.
or Wall Street wealth obsession
or Main Street job needs
or your freedom

it is a question of deceit
so many are filled to the brim
and to hear it is not important
is a most important word
for Nathanael and all

where Jesus comes from
is a big deal in his day
this significant political question
needs more than a log cabin
or fig tree or halo

wherever Jesus is from
he reveals G*D
wherever you are from
G*D is revealed
by an honest question

back and forth
Jesus and Nathanael
have one epiphany
after another
and invite you