Epiphany 4 B


they went to Capernaum
the same way
we find ourselves
where we are

they went to synagogue
just because it was sabbath
and teaching occurred
as it does

new sparks flew
not just rote
a new freedom
was flowing

just as unsurprising
as another sabbath
is the presence of

what does a new freedom
have to do with brokenness?
is freedom for one
destruction for all others?

if you have to ask
you are blind to the silly
crazy at a creation deep level
lost from your belovedness

and so we stand silent
before a captive
our silence calling
forth depth

such depth of abundance
that brokenness is pushed out
there is no room
where we are not connected

a healer is convulsed
along with the healed
both cry aloud
be whole

amazed? really?
this is creation old
void to an eighth day

what is this?
a new teaching?
no - simply
applied freedom

in Capernaum still
in dark and dreamless streets
you and yours arrive
to freely free