Epiphany 5 B

Roam On

leave your official holy place
leave your regular home
leave your desert-ed retreat

no matter which might be termed
holy, holier, holiest
wait! there’s more!

that no-good town next door
that silly goofus next house over
that bustling times square

haven’t you been paying attention
G*D can’t be hog-tied anywhere
Houdini had nothing on G*D’s slipperiness

and, dear creature, pay attention
you are of the same lineage
here there and everywhere

faint not - you’ll just bump your head
mount up - there are boundaries to cross
walk on - past cookie-cutter orthodoxies

build up synagogue, church, and mosque
support fellowships and covens
guard temples and shrines

clean houses, teepees, and yurts
encourage chalets and shacks
fix foundations and roofs

set foot on soil of every color and acidity
wonder at a Marianas Trench and Mount Everest
protect desert and tropical forest

what do you have to lose
certainly not freedom
share blessings