Pentecost +5 B

Health Care

crowds gather
politics is going on
what are the questions of the day
how will we decide them

a voice is raised
my daughter, my friend, myself
is out of health
fill them again

a plan is formed
an implementation begun
other events intrude

other voices rise
they're dead 
don't waste the resources
stick with the temple

priests and money changers
our intermediaries with
a G*D too big to fail
are our only redemption

between not good enough
and a promise of better
some proceed quietly
with commotion all about

with a vision of sleep
instead of a despair of death
a third voice rises
little one arise

and the forgotten
lonely and lame are not left
a decision - a feast
a toast - l'chaim



Let's Feast

a boat is transporter 0.002
its a long way to Star Trek
now in this port
now in that

travel is slow enough
a bow wave of people
assembles faster than
a wake suggests

with people are needs
for other’s well-being
and for one’s own

events rise up
whether named or unnamed
healing occurs death happens
we do what we can

we fear consequences
doubt forgiveness’ truth
work to get life right
only to find enough

enough time enough distance
enough hope enough trust
enough love enough balance
to satisfy a baby bear

and so we are touched
and share such with touch
little one arise
let’s feast