Pentecost +13 B

Public Soul

how armor the public?
for the public carries our soul

budgets abandoning the public
abandon our soul to evil intent

teen adventurism of independence
can be addictive when abandoned

when a child’s eye on tomorrow
shifts focus from us to me

when an adult’s sense of having been there
is silenced by whiny yelling

a moral commitment to general welfare
comes unstuck and we dizzily spin

fashion a thinking cap
of long-term budgeting

ties that bind open community
to thankful next generations

stand in one another’s shoes
to know what makes for equity

have faith in a common defense
of community response

avoid shooting flaming arrows
of evil’s preemptive fear

institutionalized “you are on-your-own”
ultimately destroys the wealth it seeks

it is not a lie so much as blindness
to the value of the public

blindness to the public
is blindness to the future

trunkless legs of Ozymandias stand
as testament to power budgets

- - - - - - -

[above based on Ephesians 6:11-18 and this article.