Easter 3 C

Feed Tend Heal


another’s identity
is a never-ending game


your claim
of your experience
has no connecting spot with me


instead of
entertaining another angel
i can but counter-claim you’re wrong


there is little
that will free us
from our privilege


so tempting
so addictive
me and my and mine


mean nothing here


are not convincing


of a new earth
run aground on my limits


miracles are needed here
three at least
and quickly


these miracles appear
in commonplace


only be ready to see anew
to tend to feed to heal
everyone anyway


while unready to go there
here crops up


while surprised
we kindly say


and a miracle happens
in honoring your identity
my identity is firmly grounded


eyes are opened
hearts are extended
community is deepened


tu casa es mi casa
your cause is is not yours alone
there is enough to tenderly feed one another


abundant grace
how sweet the life
that joins me with you





love and sing

earth day call
feed the sheep
feed the lambs
feed the sheep

resurrection call
fish until
there are no more fish
cast again and there are fish

conversion call
Saul blinded
Ananias resistant
both come to see more

beauty call
find a dance in mourning
find a song in fear
find a blessing in slaughter

love earth not exploitation
receive a surprise of abundance
remember your best insight
and sing with angels

= = = = = = =

stanza 1 & 2 - John
stanza 3 - Acts
stanza 4 - Psalm/Revelation
stanza 5 - all of the above