Epiphany 3 C


unroll your spiritual heritage
back and back
and back some more

track back to your grounding
so far back that past
is connected with now

this is a deep source
of good news
for one and all

particularly good news
for all as it ends
the privilege of one

in refinding this gem
we refine our family tree
and mine further ago

older and older gifts
come out like a sun from night
yawn and stretch and glow

until dominion nurtures
a whole body
gifted and giving

flowing out from the deepest well
swells suffering joined
and rejoicing honored

a body of G*D
aEdVaEm intertwined
leading back to G*D

indispensable hearing
eat and drink well
send portions to the poor

this ancient word
so easily ignored
endures - scroll on






Ahh, so many gifts and so many ways to respond to them with falsity.


The gift of vocation is so easily subverted from within. Have you found your apostleship, teaching, healing, organizing, etc. subject to passive/aggressive or other tendencies?

So many gifts and so much fear to use them.


Enough, already, you are who you are and will be who you will be. Time to get on with it, today in front of G*D and everyone, for "better" or "worse".