Pentecost +19 C

periodic bread

daily bread is a dream
for countless millions
were it only one
weeping would be in order


weeping cleans the eye
for compassion to enter
banquets to be open
open sores closed


for now we are stuck
mistaking plenty
as effect from our cause


we are stuck to a whirlwind
feeding on its own
until its moment gone
a rainbow left standing


too late we worry about our own
having not cared about others
we are invisible to ourselves
too self-satisfied to be warned


when warning is ignored
there is no easy fix
commonality in death
is all that’s left


too late smart
threats block change
follow G*D out of any garden
weeping all the way


laughing all the way
for old irony
brings sufficient insight
to change from within


- - - - - - -


I Cannot Sleep by Malvina Reynolds
Bilingual song


We Have Fed You All for a Thousand Years
Song (click “show more” for lyrics)


imagine more

you don't need more
trust, hope, memory, opportunity
but more imagination
wouldn't hurt

imagine the energy
grass growing through cement
mustard seed-sized faith
juggling mulberry trees

imagine the integrity
in serving one another
telling truth today
investing in tomorrow

imagine laments forgiven
songs of old sung again
foundations rebuilt
villages honoring children

imagine continuing conversions
ancestors still alive in hearts
gifts rekindled for common wealth
forgiveness defining faith and love

energy aplenty
integrity deep - deep
forgiveness ready at hand
conversion tying past to future

we don't need more
unless imagination has died
mouldered by marketing
surrendered to entitlement