Pentecost +21 C


on the way
to our expected goal
there are calls to pause
along the way to practice
what we preach


Jerusalem will be
a personal transformation
to even newer life
from heavy to light
from ow to ah


but we’re not there
it can be offered
to others


in fact Jerusalem
is here now
where prophet meets priest
where thanks is given
instead of further sacrifice


journey expectations
find refreshment
along the way
sufficient to continue


so onward
again assured
an exile’s home
is a strong pull



Pray All Ways

pray always
pray all ways
especially the way
rejected as prayer

dreams are prayers
as well as rituals
whether formal or not
housing our hopes

work is prayer
giving feedback
to our experiments
in understanding

community prayer
individual prayer
play back and forth
night and noon

all the while we pray
we breathe out and in
calling and called
everyone belongs

in belonging we find
kindness added to fair
regardless of justice delayed
or covenants unmade

with assurance felt
or trust decided
we pray until prayer is but
working dreams working