Pentecost +22 C

not down to a river but up to a temple

oh so trusting we are are we
exceptional folk we be
we even have parables
told about us

its true we are not
like other people
who are good enough
we suppose

we fast and fast from fasting
we tithe at least a tithe of a tithe
alms we could do aplenty but
sacrifice is due

would you like a parable
all to your own
of course

did you see how we stood out
against a dreary background
that is sad so sad
yes sad

what better to do than praise
for bringing us home
to stand proud

whom else is so deserving
than those who deserved
miraculous rescue
whom else

day by day we stand in public
thanking our god
our god

such honor has come our way
and keeps on coming
bringing crowns

a parable is always told of us
did you hear its wonder
yes about us